Parent child form calculate connection


I would like to have some information if you have about the parent and child from a calculated connection, I have a calculated field in my parent form, and I would like to show the result in the child form. Still, whenever I try it, I get an empty cell. I can’t call a calculated value. All Select one text fields come to child form except calculate. I also tried to add a note question to the parent form and reference the question, but it also did not appear in the child form. Any idea?

This is the calculated formula for the child form

This is the parent form formula

@osmanburcu, if I understood correctly, did you mean you wish to link a calculate field from a parent project to a child project?

Hi Kal,

I want to link one calculate field in the parent form with another calculate/note/text field in the child form. So I calculated the disability in the Parent form, and I would like the present the result in a child form, but somehow calculated field result did not show up in the child form.