Part of cascading select question through XLS not showing correctly in app

Dear community,

I would like to create a cascade-select question using XLS forms.
I have followed the exact instructions/templates given in previous posts in the community.
When I copy-paste from Excel in the form builder, the cascading question appears correctly. However, when I use exactly the same data and paste it in my XLS questionnaire and then upload that, the answer options of the last question do not appear in the app.

  • I have created a seperate Excel with the data for the cascading question (region, province, commune)
  • I have pasted this in the “choices” tab in my XLS form
  • I have inserted the choice filter in the “survey” tab (region=${region_1} ; region=${region_1} and province=${province_1}
  • I have uploaded my XLS and delployed the survey
  • When I open the form in the kobocollect app on my phone, I can select the region and then the province, but the choice options for the commune (the 3rd step of the cascade) do not appear.

Could anybody help me trouble shoot ? @Kal_Lam I tried to upload the XLS file but I’m getting the notification that new users are not allowed to upload a document…??

Many thanks!

Hi @camillecj welcome to the community :slight_smile:

Can you share a screenshot of the xlsform which shows the cascading choices and the questions so community can take a closer look?


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Google Drive: Sign-in, Google Drive: Sign-in

Hi @hakan_cetinkaya , thanks for your reply, I have tried through Google drive because apparently new users of the community can’t upload media files… I hope you can see it now ?

@camillecj, please be informed that you should now be able to upload your XLSForm to the community. Besides, you could also have a look at the post discussed previously that should solve your issue:

In addition, you could also learn more through our support article Adding Cascading Select Questions

Thank you very much for your assistance, I didn’t see that support article when searching trough the community. It helped a lot and all is now working fine.

Have a great day!

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Here is the support article if you have missed it: