Partial Data Exports to CSV


I’m trying to download a KoBoToolbox survey with data in a csv format. When I try to open it in Excel, only partial data shows up. A Major chunk of the data is missing.

When I try to edit or preview the form submission on the KoBo website there are no problems and I can see all the data along with the images.

Please help.

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  • Could you provide a screenshot of what you see (and explain what is missing)?
  • With what settings did you export?
  • You may have several sheets in the Excel workbook, if you used repeat groups.
  • If you work with Excel, why do you use csv instead of xls?

Side-note; Tests (and field pre-test) before the real survey should cover the whole data management process, including export (and transfer for analysis) of data.


Without more information, I would point out that you probably are missing data from repeat groups in what you are seeing on the CSV. If that is the case then you should know that the CSV will only show you data from one sheet of an excel. On the other hand, when you export data from repeat groups, this will be located in separate sheets from the main sheet (which is what you had in the CSV. My suggestion would be you download the data in XLS and not CSV if you have repeat groups in the form. See this previous discussion thread

If the issue is not as I had indicated above, could you please provide more detailed information.


Hi @wroos and @stephanealoo,

Thank you for responding to my problem. @stephanealoo guessed it right, that data was in the repeating groups. downloading the submission form in xlsx and converting the required repeating sheet to csv solved the issue.

Although there is another unrelated problem. Can I download a specific submission instead of all the submission together? Should I create another topic for this?

Thank you!

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Downloading a specific submissions at the moment is not possible with KoBoToolbox. We already have a feature request here:

Maybe you could VOTE for it if you wish to make this a reality!

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Hi @Kal_Lam,

Thanks for redirecting me to the feature request. I have voted for it too!

Thanks and have a nice week.