Passing Parameter to launch URL


Is there a way to add a parameter to the form launch url or something which can be returned in the JSON REST API post request. This will help us identify the user that posted the feedback.




Any luck with this? We are trying the same thing.

Hi @onesky
Do you mind explaining how exactly you would have liked this being implemented so that we look at the workaround.

In the meantime if you had meant the same query as the previous post,

The feature is not available as an integral part of the programme. You can however add workaround as follows:

  1. Create a question that captures the device ID i.e. a metaquestion. Unfortunately this may not be able to fully identify the user unless you have a list of all devices tagged to the names of t he users.
  2. This option would require that you make the form to require log in, that way someone has to log in to be able to submits.
  3. Just request that the user provides their names with the comments.

PS: While doing the above, kindly ensure you abide with all the laws in your country relating to data protection and GDPR where applicable.


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We are trying to create a form with a User ID field that looks up the person from our external database. Currently, we are thinking about creating another external webpage where users can type in the person’s name and location, and it will find the user id. After that, we will send the user id to the KoboToolbox form with using GET (?user_id=12345) to get the User ID populated. Is that possible?

Hi @onesky
Can you use a flow chart to explain your process so that we see which parts of the process can users contribute their ideas to.


Our trainers are using KoboToolbox to capture trainee information. We need a way to see if an trainee is already in our system. If so, we need to fetch the unique trainee id. To accomplish this, we will create a custom web page that will look up trainee user id based on their name, email address or phone number. We are hoping to be able to pass the trainee user id from our custom webpage to KoboToolbox as a parameter. Is this possible? I’m not sure how to create a flow chart as you described.

Any update on this? Is this a possibility now?