PCDATA invalid Char value

Good afternoon,

I recently completed a survey using Kobotoolbox. However, when downloading my data, some of the forms I get seem incomplete. Data downloads for some of the fields, but there is always a break and the fields after the break appear blank. When previewing the form, I get the following error code:
"An error occurred while loading the form. We recommend that you do not edit this record until the issue has been resolved.

Please send an email with the address of this page and the error message below to support@kobotoolbox.org.

Error trying to parse XML record. Invalid XML source."

I have a suspicion of what is happening. In this form, we do quite a bit of copying and pasting. I presume that, during this process, I have copied and pasted a particular character that the Kobo form does not like and that causes it to crash (and this character is called ‘Char value 2’). However, I don’t know how to find this character (it is indicated as being on line 57 and column 910). Also, because I cannot view or edit the form anymore, I cannot go into the form and delete the offending character.

Is there any solution that you could suggest for this, in a way that will allow me to keep the data that I have gathered up until now (the error occurs in 5 of the 34 forms that I have uploaded). Do you need any more information from me to troubleshoot this issue?

Any help in this regard would be greatly appreciated!

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@christiaan, yes maybe copy and paste it into a plain text editor to see if any special characters are not supported within the system.

Hi Kal,
Thank you for your response! Yes, the problem is that I cannot edit the forms right now. If I open the forms with this error, they appear blank. I can see some text in the preview, but I’m also not sure if the text with the weird character will show up in the preview, or if the Kobo form already ‘throws out’ the text at that point.

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If not yet done, check your form with the Online validator, please. (This is always recommended during development and before deployment.)

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@christiaan, could you kindly share with us a screenshot of your issue? Maybe that would help us understand your issue pictorially. Please also let us know the server you are using.