Permission based on a column values

in case I want to give permission for a user based on the values in a particular column and not based on username . Is it possible?
Example: we have many services including Hearing Aid services, I want to give permission to a user who can only see hearing aid surveys.

Hi @pdmf_officer_bahaa, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately that is not possible in KoBo.

But community might provide a workaround.

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thank you @hakan_cetinkaya for you feedback

@pdmf_officer_bahaa, as stated by @hakan_cetinkaya, this feature is not currently available with KoboToolbox. However, could you explain more about why you need this feature and how it would benefit collecting and managing data? Maybe those details could trigger a new feature if it’s possible in the near future.

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Thank you @Kal_Lam for your interest in the topic.
We have several data entry persons in the field. they are filling the services we are providing for the beneficiaries such as hearing aids, prosthetic & orthotic, rehabilitation aid… . on the other hand our consultants need to check the files each one according to his/her specialization to approve the files.
So the hearing aid files should be only visible or accessible to the consultant who is specialized with hearing aid. And so on for the other services. So the permission for consultant’s username will be based on type of service column.
Thank you again.


@pdmf_officer_bahaa, how would you manage the pool of supervisors ready to validate the submissions (that should be assigned automatically)?

we are manually download the files as PDF, sort them per type of service, then send to each supervisor the PDF files with the Excel database file (that includes a particular type of service).
it’s taking a lot of effort.