Personalized domain name

Hi. I would like to use my own personalized domain name for kobo. How can I achieve that? When I change the domain name from kobo.local to my personalized domain in the setup of kobo, the installation gets stucked and my app does not start. How can I do this?

I have the same issue. Any help?

I found out that public domain is passed via ENV variable in the nginx container. You can find these environment variables in /kobo-env/envirles.txt file. If you change the domain names in that file and then restart kobo, you will be able to change your domain name.
In my case, after changing the domain name in env file and then entering the same domain name in the kobo setup process, I am able to access my app with personalized domain on browser. However, my environment does not give me a green output showing that the environment has started. It stays on the waiting status.