Photo in the Note Field

Hi @Kal_Lam

Can we display the Photo in the Note field along with text data of other fields.
Please Guide

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Could you share with us a sample of how it should look like? Maybe that should give us a clue of what you are expecting.

Sure , Please look at enclosed photo as an example

These will be different fields( text and photo )
and what I want to do is to show all field on single page as a Note

So you mean the text should be centered and the image should be just below the text?

Yes exactly

And picture display should be smaller

Formatting it this way should not be possible at the moment. But you could definitely edit your proto, add text as required and then upload the image to your project.

Leaving apart alignment, can we do other things ?

We want text and photo in one note field.

Basically we want to show data entered along with photo clicked to enumerator before form submission

There are four text field and one photo is what we want to show to enumerator for verification before submission

Please Guide

You could do it as outlined in the image below:

In the survey tab of your xlsform:


Data entry as seen in Enekto:

Reference xlsform:

Image in note Question.xlsx (10.4 KB)

Sample png file:


Hi @Kal_Lam

This the photo which we have to upload in media section

but our requirement is that we want to show the photo , which the enumerator had clicked in field and will be previous question in the same form.

to explain more

he will click a photo of house he is visiting and we want to show that photo along with HH owner name in the note field to enumerator.

Please help in this.

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Hi @Kal_Lam

Please help in this

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So, your requirement is that you opened a survey project to fill-up a survey form. You then start collecting data and at the same time you also captured some photos for the survey project. You now need to open one of the previously captured image (from the same survey project) to show/demonstrate to your respondent? e.g. you are with form 1, you are collecting data for record 1 (from form 1), you then captured some images for record 1 in some previous questions, you now need to show those images for the latter questions.

Is this what you are trying to do?

Yes , Exactly it is

Please update

Hi Caneeraj,
I would recommend that you change the approach to achieve this. Could you send the XLS form that has the above questions so that I show you the approach?


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Hi @stephanealoo

Thanks for looking in to , Please find the demo form related to requirements.

PHOTO NOTE TEST.xlsx (15.4 KB)

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Hi @Kal_Lam , @stephanealoo

Please help

Hi @Kal_Lam , @stephanealoo

Can any one please help ?

@caneeraj, will have a look at it but don’t think this should be possible. However, our community may have a workaround to solve this issue.