Photo questions not showing in KoboCollect

This is my last entry from a previous query that I am still struggling with - the issue changed from QR not reading to photo questions not appearing in some forms when accessed via KoboCollect rather than KoboToolbox.

“I have attached two more forms. As indicated in the file names, one of them the photo questions work fie, the other the photo questions appear to be ‘missing’ when the form is accessed via Kobocollect… So I suppose that rules out any issue with the Tablet, rather it must be something in the way I have put together the forms that creates the problem… Any insights most appreciated! In the working form the photo questions pop up as expected using the little down arrow. Both forms are clones of forms I routinely use & clone, just in the past I open them on the tablet directly through Toolbox and then ‘save to homescreen’ for actual use. So while will conceded that there are possibly better ways to construct these forms… They do usually work!”

That is the first two uploads. I’ve now added the third which was the original QR form which I can now get to read QR forms in KoboCollect, but the finds and phot questions dn’t show up in this version.
A previous respondant - Stephane - reckoned it was working fine but not for me it isn’t!
Any further takers on helping sort this out most appreciated
Full previous link: QR question won't work - help please!

Thank you!!

Site visit photos dont work.xls (22.5 KB)

daily check photos do work.xlsx (10.6 KB)

aikjLtZBz8WnQfSE8DtcM5.xls (18.5 KB)