Photo transfer issue related to Google Spreadsheet

Photo transfer issue related to Google Spreadsheet

Hello. I always enjoy using KoBoToolbox.

I am currently using REST services so that after creating a form, the answer to the question is automatically recorded in a Google Spreadsheet in JSON format.

In general, string answers are well recorded in the sheet, whereas in the case of photos, they are not saved in the sheet in any form or are saved only with the url address.

If this is the case, what action should I take to make the image appear on the sheet right away?

Welcome to the community, @Jaehyun! Which server do you intend to use?

Hello, Kal_Lam

I’m using API server with sheetdb (


Also, even if you use the API connector, an extension program in Google Spreadsheet, only the name of the picture is displayed, but not the image. How to solve it?