Photos not visible in Enketo's Edit mode?

Hi, I usually use Edit mode to save out forms as PDFs from KOBO, however the pictures are now not loading (even though the pictures can be seen on the View screen).

This seems to be a new issue, and I have tried accessing the forms on a different browser and still have the same issue. How can I solve this?
Thanks, Hannah

Hi Hannah
Just check your browser or internet settings and see if they block automatic loading of photos. One quick way is to check whether the this works the same way on another computer.

Hi Stephane,

Unfortunately I have the same issue with a different browser and I’ve tried on a colleague’s computer with the same result.


Is the form deployed or you are doing it on preview

Hi, the form has been deployed and I’m trying to open a form submission. I am opening it using the ‘edit’ option:

Thanks, Hannah

Hi is there any update on this issue? Alternatively, is there another way (other than opening in ‘Edit’ mode and printing to PDF) to download the forms as .PDFs from KOBO online with pictures included? Best wishes, Hannah

any progress on this issue?
same problem and i can’t use “open” option to see photo because i’m using group in my form.;o(

Hi @wood

Unfortunately there is no other way

@qboncu unfortunately one cannot view photos when in edit mode.


Hi @stephanealoo I was able to see photos on Edit mode until around 3 weeks ago (as I was saving the forms as PDFs with a full set of pictures), so this seems to be a recent issue.

The red bar on the page when I click on ‘Edit mode’ does not load the full way, could this be part of the issue? (This is not an internet problem on my side, nor a browser problem as far as I’m aware of).

Best wishes, Hannah

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I have same problem.

we ave submissions with several photos and still can see them in (submission) view and edit mode. Working on OCHA server (with KoBoCollect), as project owner.
But we had problems when downloading with Briefcase, see another topic.
Might all this be related to a non-owner acess?
Kind regards

Thank to All.

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