Pick already submitted data from within the same form

Dear members,
Many thanks for last assistance. Still struggling with using the tool as new user.

I have an parent file, that an admin person or a region supervisor will need to update from time to time, e.g, field supervisors moving from one area to another may create mini-regions of interest as they come across those regions and submit the forms. In the same form, when enumerators or voluneers are found for different regions at later dates, they would be created and added to the form’s data and assigned to previously created regions, staff categories and roles.

Child forms linked to this parent form will then pull data from the parent form based on field persons assigned roles and regions to conditionally select relevant questions.

The challenge is that I don’t know how i get pull back already submitted data in a form to complete another section of the form.

I have seen solutions for picking immediate data that hasn’t been submitted in the same form, but what i need is to be able to re-use already submitted data as a select_one type question.

I attach my xml file herewith
Updateable Test.xlsx (12.9 KB)

Thank you

Seems like you are trying to use the dynamic data attachment feature but not linking in 2 different forms but trying to link the information from within the same form (but the information filled in from one section to a different section). Did I get you correctly?

Yes, very correct.

Can the form link back to it’s own data? If yes, how?


Hello! Just wondering if there’s an update on this. Thank you!