Piping custom text

Hello Dears,

Kindly is there a way to piping a custom text as below:
Q1 Gender [Male/Female]

Q2. {'xx"} we are happy to …

we need

  • if the answer of Q1 is Male so piping {'xx"} as Sir.
  • if the answer of Q1 is Female so piping {'xx"} as Madam.

Hi @surveyhub,

Following the help articles: Including Responses Inside Another Question — KoboToolbox documentation and Advanced Calculate Question Type — KoboToolbox documentation

  1. You can create a calculate question with an IF statement:

if( ${Q1} = ‘Male’, “Sir”, if( ${Q1} = ‘Female’, “Madam”, “”))

Note that, I used 2 IF statements for getting an empty value if nothing is selected. You can alternatively solve the issue with 1 IF statement.

  1. Then start your Q2 with:

${calculation} we are happy to,

This is the screenshot of the survey sheet of IF statement in XLS:

This is the choices sheet:
if statement choices


Thanks a lot, it really works

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