Pipping failure

Am trying to pipe answers from previous questions into preceding questions by referencing them e.g

  1. Which branch have you called?

  2. What time did you make the call? ${_2_Which_branch_have_you_calle}

but I receive an error “There has been a problem trying to replace ${_2_Which_branch_have_you_calle} with the XPath to the survey element named ‘_2_Which_branch_have_you_calle’. There is no survey element with this name.”

I need some urgent help please

Welcome to the community @alexiga! Would you mind sharing your xlsform with the community with only the section that has the issue. The community would love to help you solve your issue.

Hi @alexiga
I would like to also welcome you to the community forum. Your issue here is that you are referencing (i.e. piping) Q2 onto Q3 however you are using the wrong name of Q2. The easiest solution is to check the XLSForm that you have and see if the actual name of Q2 is _2_Which_branch_have_you_calle which I highly doubt. Replace the entire reference with the actual name as follows ${ACTUALNAME} and this should solve your issue.


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