Please help me with the pull data function

Please help me the pull data function. When I enter the household id, I am not getting the name of the member. please check the file and help me with the issue. pulldatafunction.xlsx (8.0 KB) HouseholdID.csv (3.2 KB)

I simply changed your HH_ID code from from UR-CG101/01 to UR-CG101_01 in the csv file HouseholdID and it works.

Reference xlsform:

pulldatafunction.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Edited csv file:

HouseholdID.csv (3.2 KB)

Hi Kal_lam

Thank you for your help. The function is working.
I am facing the issue in this. The form works fine when using the enketo web, but when I deploy and collect data on mobile, the pull data function is not working.

Please help me with the issue. I am using latest Kobo version downloaded form playstore and mobile runing on android 10

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Would you mind making your code simple (something as follows) for your csv file:


Doing so worked for me.

Actually these are the codes of households collected in one of the survey and I want the respondent names to be pulled in other survey. I cannot change the HH_ID. Is there any other way?

is there any issue with the mobile app

Well, i see some hidden spaces just behind UR-CG101_01 .


Delete those hidden spaces and it should work.

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Dear Kal_Lam, I would like to know, is there any restrictions on characters to be used in HH_ID when we are using Pull data function. If so would you please share me the relevant documents so I can go through.
Thank You

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Using a pulldata function, it tries to match the exact characters that is available in the csv file. As said earlier you had some hidden spaces after the characters from the matching variable HH_ID. That was causing an issue.

Also kindly please note that there is a slight difference in how Enketo and Collect android app behaves. This is what it was happening to you earlier.

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Thank You Kal_lam

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