Please help test Enketo 2.7.3

I got the same problem.

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Hello @jnm,
Thanks for all the updates !
Could be great if the testers could also have a list of changes (like “release” notes), to chose some test cases.
To limt the reporting here, I would like to propose: no more than 2 posts on the same error/problem (except additional details).
Kind regards

Enketo’s change log is here - and I think the current Enketo version on is 2.5.6 so quite a lot of changes to test! Think the biggest thing (and the thing I’m keen to access) is the X-Path evaluator change that should speed up repeats performance. Cheers!


I got the same message. and no links shown

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Well, that was embarrassing! The testing script stopped working with URLs and I didn’t notice. It should be fixed now. Thanks for the quick feedback.

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I’ve just tested it with my form described in this forum post.

Overall, Enketo seems to work well. I found two minor bugs, described below. I believe these exist in the previous version too… so consider this a feature request rather than a regression :wink:

  1. Enketo does not handle the summary note that I’ve built into the form. This note shows a variable computed as join(', ', /data/person/foo[contains(${calc_bar}, .)]). It also contains a <br> tag that works well in Collect but doesn’t in Enketo.

  2. Keyboard navigation with repeat groups is tricky. If I have a repeat group with a single text field, navigation goes like this:

    • Load the form.
    • Press <tab>. The text field has focus. Enter some text
    • Press <tab>. The - button for removing the repeat group instance has focus.
    • Press <tab>. The + button for adding another instance has focus.
    • Press <space>. Another instance is added.

    At this point, the + button still has focus. This is awkward; I now have to press <shift>-<tab> twice to get back to the text field in my newly-added instance. It would be more convenient if the focus would go directly to the newly-added instance after pressing <space> on the + button.

I realize these are very nitpicky… hope they help nevertheless :slight_smile:

And… thanks for all your amazing work on the Kobo ecosystem!!

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@Sjlver, did you test them through the link shared by @jnm?

Maybe these testing in the link shared above should be more helpful to see how it behaves in the latest version of Enketo.

Assuming yes, thank you for testing, @Sjlver! Generally we are looking here for newly-introduced problems or regressions that would prevent us from deploying the new release for mass consumption. Your feedback about past and continued behavior is very useful, though: would you consider reporting it at Issues · enketo/enketo-express · GitHub?


Which link from the initial ee. list to use best for tests with ODK / KoBo Collect forms? We are mainly working with ODK forms. So, how best contribute (test) with Enketo beta, please?

Sorry, not sure I’m following.

Thanks for editing your message, but I don’t understand what “ODK forms” are. What are you talking about? What is “the initial ee. list”? Do you need to test forms that aren’t hosted on or Sorry if I’m being dense here.

Sorry, if not well explained.
We have and use ODK Collect forms, on OCHA server.
So, who can we best use them to support your KoBo testing demand. How and with which of these links?

Ah, sorry for the cryptic API names there. offline_url may be the one you want if you usually use ODK Collect, as it’s the one that will enable offline data-entry support in the web browser. This is what we show in KoBoToolbox as “Online-Offline (multiple submission)”. You can likely ignore the rest if you aren’t interested in limiting responses to one per person, or redirecting to a URL after a response, or embedding within an iframe, etc. etc.

The URLs in my screenshot that end with sslciB8Y are just for demonstration. They’re for some form that I had and likely not very interesting to you. When you visit and enter one of your own form URLs, e.g., you’ll get a whole new set of Enketo testing URLs that are specific to your form.


worked as displayed below

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Thank you, @Rassam. Were you able to open any of the links and see that your form rendered as expected?


Hi @jnm

Yes I were able to open the links and say my form rendered as expected (Actually this succeeded for forms puplished in server instances of kobotoolbox on and



Hello @jnm ,
First tests: We seem to encounter some non-working relevant and constraint clauses. Different behavior between KoBoToolbox Preview and your new Preview link. More details in the next days.


@wroos, maybe it would be helpful for the community, if you could share your xlsform (with those question types and checks) that had issues. You don’t need to share the entire xlsform. A screenshot of the issue would also be great for the community to validate the same at their end.

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Hello @jnm and @Kal_Lam ,
Here is a (reduced) form demonstrating the problem:
MigTest02.xlsx (11.2 KB)

Neither the relevant clause nor the constraints are working as expected, on the test-links. (Tested with Preview and with Offline-URL)


But all works as expected (and in the past) in normal KoBoToolbox.


Furthermore, I was surprised, that the problem is the same now if we test (Preview) with ODK Online validator. Is there already the test version?

Kind regards


Thank you, @wroos, for sharing this with the community and the team.