Please i would create question matrix for this question

I want to create a Matrix question. The rows are multiple options and the columns are numbers. There are questions after the Matrix question linked to them.matrix.xlsx (9.8 KB)

Would you mind having a look at our support article Question Matrix Response Type. It should help you create a matrix question. Please reach us back if you still have issues with the same.

The article did not help me. Please help me create this question

OK, could you let us know the issue you are facing? Please be specific.

I have a Question Matrix type, rows are multiple options and columns are numbers
Is this logical?
And if it is logical, how do we create it and how do we relate the questions after the Matrix question to it

Maybe this sample should show you what is possible in as matrix question:

Assets Q1 (Select One Question) Q2 (Integer Question) Q3 (Text Question) Q4 (Select Multiple Question)
Fixed Variable V1 (e.g. Car)
Fixed Variable V2 (e.g. Bike)
Fixed Variable V3 (e.g. TV)

Please note that you are not able to create a question that should look exactly like the one that is seen in your hard copy. It should slightly vary.