Poping up error while transferring data from field device

Hi Kobo team,
I am trying to upload the data collected in the field using a mobile device to the Kobotool box server. The following error is poping up. I have already checked server name.
The error says : Generic Exception:error:(404) at http;//kc.kbotoolbox.org/submission?deviceID=collect%ArhGrsLDeEdReb4Dd3

I appreciate if any one of you help me to resolve this problem.


Welcome to the community, @bahadur! This could be an issue when you are trying to submit the data to the server, but the project is either deleted from the server or archived. Could you kindly ensure to see if this is the case? If this is not the case, please feel free to share a screenshot of your Settings>Server.

Hi Kal,

Thank you so much for your prompt response, the project is still on the server, I have not deleted it. Below is the screenshot of the server.


Hi Kal,

I am still waiting for your response on my issue of uploading collected data into kobotoolbox server.

Thank you !!!

@bahadur, maybe it could be a connection issue. Could you kindly recheck the connection (network) please?