Portion of data from repeat group not seen when downloading data

I am experiencing issues with downloading data from repeat groups.
Data from two repeat groups are visible when viewing the forms online in Table view, but do not appear in the downloaded XLS file. This issue has appeared in the last month or so, but prior to that (approx 5 months), all data from repeat groups were downloading fine. We conducted several redeployments and I discovered today not all users were using the same (latest) version of the form - this has now been rectified, but the repeat group data are still not appearig in the XLS downloads. I would appreciate your asssistance with this issue.

Welcome back to the community, @jbs! Have you gone through the community post discussed previously? It should help you understand your issue:

Hi there, I tried downloading with those settings, but this did not resolve the issue.
It’s not that group tabs aren’t showing, it’s that particulars rows of data are not showing. Thanks

@jbs, maybe you will need to share with the community the screenshot of the issue of what is showing (in the DATA>Table) and what is not showing in the download. By the way did you track the _id for that particular case that has this issue?