Portrait photos rotated in reports, edit mode


When I upload and submit a photo in portrait mode it gets rotated in edit mode and in the reports. Landscape photos work fine. Also, on my iPhone when I choose ‘Take Photo’ I see a blank black screen but can choose an existing photo fine. Unsure if this issue is related to the rotation issue.

I have created a test form here: https://kf.kobotoolbox.org/#/forms/ab7ntXXfzmggpwJJwjuGqJ/landing

The first photo was taken vertically and its showing as rotated to the left.


Hi @mahmed
Theoretically speaking, the photo orientation may be dependent on the device settings as per the following

  • When you have your phone orientation locked to either portrait or landscape, any photo you take will take the locked phone orientation you have regardless of how you turn/rotate the phone to take the photo.

  • When you have your phone orientation set switch automatically, then the orientation of the photo will take the orientation of the phone as it is.

Using the above analogy, there is a possibility that the photos you are uploading had been taken on a landscape mode.

hi Stephane

My orientation was unlocked when I took the photos (currently using iPhone 7+). I tried with a locked orientation and in that case both photos are rotated.

EDIT: I just tried on an Android tablet and both photos are rotated here as well, regardless of the lock on the orientation.

Hi @mahmed
That is interesting, let me have a look at the system size of things on how it processes the images