Possibility to reorder sub-question in a rating question

I am testing the new beta rating question that allows for the responder to choose between various responses for a various sub-questions.

However, the webform does not allows to reorder the sub-questions. Logically, the last one would be an “other” sub-question. But when designing the survey, more options will come to our mind and new sub-question could be worth to go to the first line in order to respect some internal logic.

So far, the only way to do so is to rewrite all the subquestion. An alternative would be to edit the survey into Excel, but there is a bug in the export-import feature with this rating question (Rating question: error when exporting/importing to xls).

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Hi @pvanmale_icrc,

Could you kindly share with us the screenshot of the issue you are having so that it would be easy for us to document the suggestions you have outlined.

Have a great day!