Possible to have a custom HTML layout for the surveys?


is it possible to create individual HTML layouts for surveys?
For example, change the Max-Width to 1280px.
Images Max-Width to 1200px.
An unordered HTML list and an ordered HTML list.
So I means possible manipulation with text.

Hi @narekandreasyan, as far as I’m aware this isn’t possible. @Kal_Lam have you seen this been done?

I would like to know if it is not possible, would be possible if I Install kobotoolbox Server?

You can do this by hosting your own custom Enketo instance and making changes to or creating a custom theme. You can read more about how to do that here: Tutorial: Custom themes - Enketo Express

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Is it possible to do something like this, in the survey as introduction part?

  1. The Goals.
    • xxxxxxxxxxxx
    • yyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  2. The focus
    • zzzzzzzz
  3. lorem ipsum
    • fgdhfdgh
  4. dgmfhjhjkkluölizol

I tried also image properties, but it is not working,


Hi @narekandreasyan, you can refer to the documentation here on what styling can be done:



Most of the Ideas I could finish with styling-prompts, but I want to ask if it is possible to change the sheet max-witdth and images max-width? Without any big effort
By default Sheet layouts max-width: 720px;
And Images layouts max-width: 70%;
I want to have 1200px for sheet layouts.
And Images layouts max-width: 100%

Hi @narekandreasyan, as far as I know this isn’t possible to configure outside of you customizing the Enketo CSS – which would require you to host it separately :+1: