Power bi transformations/measures to compare firstdate and lastdate entries for a given location from a Kobo monitoring form

I am seeking a performant method in power bi (or other), that will allow me to compare the values of the latest (survey) date with the values of the first (survey) date (and/or preceeding quarter, month, year) at a given monitoring location.
I’ve experimented with CALCULATE on the Max and Min date, and using firstdate and lastdate, though i running into some aggregation issues at higher admin levels. I havent yet tried a reference table for dates, and unsure if this would be the best solution.
Any existing models / measures / thoughts greatly appreciated, as this certainly cant be the first time someones tried this on a Kobo form!

Hi @dalford
Could you please provide a more detailed explanation of the issue you have. When I look at your point, I am not sure whether you mean checking different instances, etc.

In the meantime, I would recommend a logical process for you to consider, if you are considering the aggregated values of dates. You can always get the minimum and maximum dates and then compute the difference. Pardon the brevity, but a more detailed explanation on your end would help more users contribute.


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You can post this on https://community.powerbi.com/
They will solve it for you in no time.

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