Pre-populate data in kobocollect

Hi all, i really need urgent help good team, i want my form to pre-populate/auto fill data when one selects he/her own, i.e when select country, followed by county then it pre-populate the data for that particular county. Kindly help

The feature you are looking for is known as pull data which works on KoBoCollect android application. We have a detailed explanation of this process here . Do not hesitate to reach out incase of anything.


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Hi Stephane
this solution really helped i appriciate

here comes another one but on pre-populating data instead in need the program to flag out the results if it is greater than or equals 100%. This is an example e.g employees files their sum task on a document say source document per month then they later compile them to the monthly report the end results. The results is later computed to determine whether they are over reporting their task to the monthly report or not, so if the percentage of the results is greater than 100 it should flag out that; ${source document}-${monthly report} =difference , ${difference}div ${source document}=error, ${error}*100%=results. So I need this results to be displayed if it is greater than 100% on the note