Preload data error

In one of my survey I am using pulldata, but its not giving proper result, my requirement is when enter the INS id as per shown in form its not pulling both information from the list and its not giving the multiple option to select as per my requirement its displaying only one result, for your reference i am screen shot and form and CSV file
a4mHnFp5Ecdf9UYUQ6XXHV.xlsx (8.8 KB)

getdata.csv (651 Bytes)

@sai_pawar, please be informed that pulldata only works with unique ids. It does not work with multiple unique ids. If there are multiple unique ids in your CSV file, it only pulls the details from the first unique id.

Is there any other way to do this scenario, can you please suggest.

@sai_pawar, having a unique code for all the cases from the CSV file is the only approach at the moment. But let’s wait to hear back from our community for other approaches.