Preselected number of repeats based on a list

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I have a list of unique households and the number of members within each household. When field enumerator goes to a particular household, he/she will select from a list in kobocollect then the form will pull out the number of members in that household. The enumerator will then ask the head of the household if the x members of the household can be made available for the interview. The group of questions will then loop until the last member of the household is interviewed. For example Household A is the chosen household and based on the prior list, has 5 members. The questionnaire will then loop 5 times through the questions before the interviewer can move on to the next household. Do you have an xlsform that contain such logic I can pattern my form? Thanks.

Welcome to the community, @koadnaxu! You should be able to do it as outlined in our support article Grouping Questions and Repeating Groups. You could have a closer look at this section …

You should also be able to find similar discussions from the community forum on repeat_count here.

Hi! Thanks for the reply. The enumerator will not be told by the household how many members it got. That information will be taken from a database. So as soon as the household code is known, the enumerator, without assistance from the household, will know immediately how many members there are. While waiting for the reply I played around with a video at humanitarian data solutions and used calculate where the household code is matched to an entry in the table and similar to an excel vlookup goes to a particular table column to pull out number of members. The pulled number is then used as an integer to drive the number of repeats. Hope this helps others who may be trying to figure out a similar problem. Thanks.

@koadnaxu, if this is your case, you will also need to use the pulldata function along with the repeat count as outlined in the support article Pull Data Functionality in KoboToolbox.

Yes exactly thanks for pointing that out

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