Prevent replacing XLSForm in the wrong project


Is there a way to make replacing existing XLSForm with the wrong file display an error and not re-deploy? I believe in the past I had this error message but now I can’t seem to remember how it happened.

I used in the settings sheet these columns: xform, formid, id_string and used the correct values and re-deployed. Then I modified the values with wrong IDs, but it still re-deployed.

The reason I’m looking for this, I have a lot of forms for my entire organization and sometimes I do replace the wrong file by mistake so it would be great to have something in the settings sheet that points to a specific form and when using an XLSFrom that has the ID of another form, it should not re-deploy.

Sorry, @Isslam! We don’t have a feature that would restrict this. But yes, if an unrelated XLSForm is uploaded to the project, maybe you don’t deploy that change. Go back to the form version and download the required XLSForm form version by cloning the project (if needed, when you don’t have a back-up of your XLSForm). Then replace that XLSForm with the existing project and redeploy the project. That is the only workaround for your issue.

Yes, this is what I’m currently doing. But it would make sense to use the form ID or string ID to make redeployment only possible for that specific project. Could be a future addition to Kobo. Thanks.

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@Isslam, I have changed your post to a features request. Maybe feel free to reach us back if you would like to sponsor this feature.

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