Print Form (pdf) - Bug: Required attribute missing


BUG: If printing a form (as pdf) from Preview (Enketo), The asterisk for required = true are not printed, at east not for text and integer types. But the asterisk is printed correctly for acknowledgement type

Steps to Reproduce

See attached xls example and screenshots.

Expected behavior

The asterisk (required) should be printed for required = true, for all types. Like it is shown in Enketo/Preview and KoBoCollect.
This is an essential information for using the print-out as (paper) back-up for surveys and monitoring.

Actual behavior

See screenshots. Asterisk (required) is NOT printed for integer and text types. (Probably also not for other types.) But is correctly printed for acknowledge type.

Additional details

OCHA Server. XLS form import.

XLSForm PrintRequired_01.xlsx


Screenshots (Preview)
(This last screenshot, with the error messages also shows a slightly different position of the asterisks between acknowledge type and the other types. Might be related to the BUG above?)

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Good afternoon,
Let us keep this as a BUG report, please. As you can see in the example, the asterisk works well (is printed) like expected for acknowledge type, but NOT for other types like text, integer etc.
Kind regards

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Hi @wroos,

Kindly please be informed that the issue has been flagged to the developers (both KoBoToolbox as well as Enketo). Thank you for bringing this out!

Have a great day!

Dear @Kal_Lam, Thanks! : relieved:
Is there already a link to trace the issue (GitHub)?
I would appeciated as general rule for the pdf print feature: Every UI content as show (e…g. required asterisk) is printed also…

Hi @wroos,

Sure! You could follow the github link provided below:

Have a great day!

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@wroos, I’m guessing given your advanced knowledge that you’re already aware of guidance hints, but in case anyone else urgently needs a way to include instructions in the printed version of a form, those could be an option (this was suggested by an Enketo developer).

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