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Es posible imprimir un PDF del formulario, que para preguntas de selección, solo muestre la respuesta seleccionada y no todo el grupo de alternativas?.


Atento a sus respuestas.

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As far as I know, this would only be possible with appearance autocomplete for select_one, but not for select_multiple. You cannot specify it different for screen and print-out. Also minimal will not do the job. And there might be disadvantages for the GUI on screen. See:
Print Select01.xlsx (10.8 KB)
On screen:

It is similar for printing an empty form:
On screen:

You could only get a different solution for print-out, if you use an extra, adapted (deployed) version for your form for reduced print-out on server level after the submission. But I am afraid, this is not what you are looking for, and it still will not work for select_multiple.

Finally, you could get a reduced print-out on server level, if you print from View (eye) submission mode (not from edit). It will even reduce the print-out for select_multiple, But you will get ALL form variables there (incl. calculates and some system variables).


Muchas gracias, la apariencia “Autocompletado” me ayuda bastante para simplificar el respaldo de la informacion.

Muchas Gracias @wroos

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