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Currently suggesting improvements in the pdf render of form filled in enketo. Particularly forms with question matrix question type where errors with boundaries and random bolden text appear in printed preview. A pdf true to the on screen render would be a great feature for the tool.

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@marc, thank you for this suggestion. Could you also back up your suggestions with a screenshot? This should make the suggestion more clear to understand.

Apologies for the delayed response. Very busy week I have had.

The current pdf render is black and white as shown below:

Yet the onscreen render appears normal. As shown:

Could this be a bug specific to grid-theme appearance?

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Could you share the survey link (URL) through a private message so that we could have a closer look at your case?

Hi @marc
I have had a look at your form and tried different print settings. I suggest you try using page size Letter and see what would be the end results.


I have tried letter size. It is definitely more organized as the page is just slightly wider and the render is much similar to the A4 size when the print to pdf preview works well. However, the pdf is still in black and white. Remember, the pdf was just unpredictable but a similar look was already possible on A4 but you Letter size is more reliable. Thank you.

It is a bit frustrating but I would love a solution on color if it is at all possible. Also I wonder if the dot sequence that looks like (…) under all my notes could be removed. I wouldn’t mind it under the other question types that require input by the enumerator.

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Thanks for the suggestion. Keep contributing.