Printing submitted forms - (i) box at the bottom in print view

Hi there, when I go into a submitted form and view it, it looks good. Then when I print it (either by CTRL+P or by clicking on the printer icon) the printout/preview/pdf has a strange box at the bottom of each page - looks like an info box but there is no text in it. It obscures part of the form but seems to serve no purpose. Does anyone know what it is for and if it can be removed in any way when printing (even if it requires a css override at this end somehow)?

This is on the humanitarian server

Thanks a lot!

@nat, would you be able to share with me your xlsform so that we could make a dummy entry and see if we see the same at our end too?

Hi, will do - but noting that I’ve also seen this same symptom on someone else’s form that was posted in this forum, which is what prompted me to mention it here! As previously I had assumed it was specific to my form.
Unfortunately I can’t lay my hands on the particular post (it wasn’t about this issue but the (i) was visible in their supporting screenshot) but will see if I can find the forum post again.

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Feel free to reach us back @nat! We would love to see if there are anything we could fix-up.