Problem banajing some blank forms

Intento bajar formularios en blanco y no logro verlos en Kobocollect del celular. En la plataforma he trabajado con 5 formularios y me funciona bien, pero ahora intento bajar dos y no logró ver en el app del celular.

Welcome back to the community, @mryumbla! Maybe this post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

What do you mean “enumerators have at least logged into their KoboToolbox account once”???

Users should at least log in to their account once (through the web) after they create an account.

That is not a problem because I am working all month, and I have eight forms that do work, but the last ones no longer upload to my cell phone.

@mryumbla, if it’s still a problem, could you kindly share a screenshot from your app’s Settings>Server?

Hi @Kal_Lam Please help me.

I have tried to download new blank forms to koboToolbox, and does not work. The strange thing is that I have 8 forms that I am working on and can see on my cell phone but the new´s does not. I tried with other phones and neither. Here is the main screen.

@mryumbla, try this out as outlined below:




Avoid using this URL like you have used in your app

Making this configuration should help you solve your issue!