Problem in calculating data in repeated groups

Hello, good day, I want to do a forest inventory and I want to configure a form where I have a list of all the species to select one of them and record its height. I also want the average height of each of the recorded species to be indicated on the form. I tried to create a repeating group (species and height) but I cannot calculate the individual average. If you can help me, I will be infinitely grateful.

Welcome to the community, @diegmg98! I have two questions about your issue. Does your survey have a finite number of species, i.e., does your question have a pre-determined number of species to be captured by the survey? What is the average calculation that you would like to see? Could you kindly share a rough sample of the dummy questions with the community so that the community would be able to understand your issue and help you out if it’s possible through KoBoToolbox?

Hello, thanks for answering, yes, my survey has 45 predetermined species. Each surveyor finds a species and records its height. I want the averages of the measurements to appear at the end of the questionnaire. It should be noted that the numbers of species are different. I have tried to do it by different methods, I do not know how to make kobo identify the times that a species is repeated in order to divide the total height of that species between the times that it was repeated. If you can help me, I will be infinitely grateful.

@diegmg98, what are you planning to use to collect your data (i.e. are you planning to use Collect android app or are you planning to use Enketo)?

Hola, deseo hacer la encuesta en kobocollect.

@diegmg98, you could do it as discussed in our previous post:

Another one:

And this one:

Here too:

And this one too:

Last but not the least:

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Hi, thanks for your help. I was able to make it work, it records the averages for each of the species, but at the time of sending the data or when I give it “Validate”, it only records the last data, it deletes the others. I am sending you the xls form for you to observe. Thanks again.

Example_Especies.xlsx (7.9 KB)

@diegmg98, do you mean you wish to select more than 1 species during data collection?

Yes, exactly, the height of more than several pre-established species will be recorded, and of each one several measurements will be repeated.

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@diegmg98, well if this is the case, you could do it as outlined in the post discussed previously: