Problem in connecting kobo to excel or power bi

I have problem in connecting kobo to excel or power bi
the connection run correctly but the labels of questions and choices designed in kobo do not appear , instead of it XML values appear

Hi @jihadsh

are you using API v1, or API v2?

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I am using v1

This is the how v1 works, as far as i know, You can use the API v2. It will work as you need.

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thank you @osmanburcu
I used instructions in this post

and everything worked correctly

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No everything pushed to excel even photo url but power query define the column as text variable
You just need to enter the cell in a edit mode then leave it without change to identify cell content as link

If you did not see photo url column ,may be you didn’t select it in kobo in data page at advanced settings

I think you must make sure that you choose the URL column before you save settings in data > Downloads > Advanced options