Problem in deploy: No survey element with this name but name is from line above

I am trying to deploy a form and I am getting the error:
Unexpected KoBoCAT error 400: b’{“detail”:“There has been a problem trying to replace ${1_MAIZ_DIASRIEGO} with the XPath to the survey element named ‘1_MAIZ_DIASRIEGO’. There is no survey element with this name.”}’

I am first asking how many days did they have to irrigate a crop and then if they said more than 0 days, I am asking how many hours did they irrigate it per day.

Since I am a new user I cannot upload the form, but here are the lines where the element is used:

line 39:
type: integer
label: 1. MAIZ. ¿Cuántos días tuvo que regar este cultivo?
required: true
relevant: selected(${RIEGO_TEMPORAL}, ‘riego’) and selected(${CICLO_1}, ‘maíz’)

line 40:
type: decimal
name: 1_MAIZ_RIEGO
label: 1. MAIZ. ¿En promedio, durante cuántas horas regó cada día de riego?
required: true
relevant: ${1_MAIZ_DIASRIEGO} > 0

The element is not used before line 39 and I checked that it was written exactly like the name in line 39.

¿Does anyone know what can be causing the error?

Thank you

This is definitely a problem with your form. Could you please test the XLS version of your form here and follow the specific instructions provided to correct the form?


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Thank you very much for your reply Stephane.
What was happening was that names cannot start with numbers, so the element was never stored.
I changed the name and it is working now.


I faced exactly the same issue. Not starting names with a number solved it for me too. Many thanks!

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