Problem in Editing of records after redeployment of update version of form

Hope this message find everyone with good health
I am using KOBO for our Humanitarian survey, I developed the form and installed on tablets for surveyors and they started collection data, after someday the form need for some update in the fields, I updated them and I upload it to the server and redeployed it, but now I cannot edit the existing data it is giving me error ,
If you could help me as soon as possible because the data is day by day getting increased,
Also for reference I am attaching the screenshot of the error

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

thanks @unhabitathlp ,
please share excel file “xlsform”

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since i am a new user here this not allowing me to send attachment
if share your email i will send you through email

@unhabitathlp, you should now be able to share your XLSForm with the community! Could you also let the community know what you updated in the second version of your survey form? In addition, could you also let us know if you were able to edit your submission before you redeployed the project? These additional details should also be helpful for the community to troubleshoot your issue.

hope every one are fine
HLP Survey form by imran khan safi Update QA after workshop.xls (500.5 KB)
this is the XLS file
since i was new to KOBO data collection tools
i created the form and while setup it to tablets it didn’t give any error and after some days the surveyors did some mistakes and i wanted to edit it then i noticed that it is giving error
since uploading the first test version up to now i didn’t use the edit option that’s why i don’t know that in which time did the edit option was working
hope that while reading my words you get the write message

@unhabitathlp, do you mean you have this issue when you try to submit the edited submissions?

no while the surveyors are submitting the forms and i do cross checking , while checking the data i found some mistakes in the data and wanted to edit it , for each record while i press the edit icon on the left side of the table then in another tab the edit form is opening and after waiting for around one to two miniates then it is giving that error

@unhabitathlp, you mean it’s not an issue when the enumerators submit the submission, but it’s only an issue when you try to edit the submissions from the server. Did I get you correctly?

Yeah it is the issue

thanks @Kal_Lam @unhabitathlp
I guess the problem is that there are too many options
It is better to use select_one_from_file with:


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Dear sir
Please support

My issue is not yet solved
Still i can not edit the records
Day by day reco4ds are getting increased
Kindly if you could help me as soon as possible


Our staff suffer from the same issue. and it makes a lot of problems for them. and the bending works increasing.

Kindly try to fix this issue ASAP.


@unhabitathlp ,
I checked the form and it needs some improvement,
There are too many options within the choices sheet that should be removed,
For a question about photos, size should be restricted,

Please reload form with the attached files
block_number.csv (8.9 KB)
district_id.csv (29.2 KB)
HLP Survey form by imran khan safi Update QA after workshop.xls (214.5 KB)
house_number.csv (44.0 KB)

Note: When editing the form, you must wait a few minutes because there is pressure on the server.
I think the future forms will be edited, but the previous forms I don’t Expect

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Thank you for your support and help
i uploaded the files as a test project and i can deployed it and also downloaded the test form inside the tablet and while opening it in side tablet it is giving error which i share the screen short

also is there any way to upload new image or you can say to edit the image form the Edit button on the top of the selected form (attached the screen short )

i did like uploading the image in the setting → media section and put the name of the image like below screen shots
but it still didn’t work

thanks @unhabitathlp
you’re right
When we open the form on “Enketo” there is no problem,
But when we open the form through the Android application, this problem occurs,
So what is the solution: There must be a field with the name “label”

block_number.csv (8.5 KB)
district_id.csv (29.1 KB)
HLP Survey form by imran khan safi Update QA after workshop.xls (214.5 KB)
house_number.csv (43.7 KB)

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I don’t think we can change the image through this window

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Dear Mohammad Taleb

what will be the solution if you could guide me , how to make it work
coz with passing of each day the data load is getting increased .
any other way for editing the form data with including the images ?