Problem in Enketo/Preview when using choice_filter (Dynamic Choice Label)

dynamic choice label seems NOT working in Preview/Enketo when combined with choice_filter. See example attached (women question NOT working, children question working).
TEST Dynamic Label 01.xlsx (25.0 KB)

Side-note: After a lot of testing online with Preview, we finally found out that it works on KoBoCollect.

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hi @wroos , any update on this? have tried using this dynamic choice label with choice_filter in KoBoCollect but the app is crashing when it reaches the question with the dynamic filters

@Kal_Lam could you take over,.please.
Is there any GitHub bug link?

Hi @hm11, this seems like a different issue to the one @wroos originally posted. Can you please post this on the ODK forum :slightly_smiling_face:


hi @Josh, I am encountering the same issue though when using dynamic choice label with choice filter. not only when running it via Enketo but in KoBoCollect as well

Hi @hm11 , Are you able to share an XLSForm so others can see/test the issue?

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