Problem in kobo collect with condition for repeat group

I have questions in a group that can be repeated. Works fine in the web browser but not kobo collect app.
Whats the problem? Here is a screenshot of error:


Welcome back to the community @rbellemail! Have you tried using the ODK Collect?

Hi Kal-Lam. No; I’ve never tried ODK Collect. Is it a substitute for the Kobo Collect app

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Tried it. Works with ODK but not Kobo collect, app. Thank you

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would you mind to provide more information for the community, please.

  • @Kal_Lam: Is this a know problem (link?)
  • @rbellemail: Could you share here the part of your form with the problem (or description of details)?
    Thanks in advance!

Hmmm, I thought the problem was solved when I switched from Kobo Collect to ODK Collect. Not so. I found out after testing that, once I was running more than 1 instance of the repeat group questions, the error message I shared in the screenshot persisted.

The situation that initially gave rise to the the problem was that I wanted to repeat some questions in a survey to get details about the purchases of the respondent during a period. These questions were added to a group and coded to repeat if and when necessary. The form view work as expected when tested with Enketo, but not with Kobo Collect. Thanks to @Kal_Lam, I tried viewing the same form with ODK Collect. There was no error until I was adding more than 1 records in the repeat group.

Eventually, this article helped me to troubleshoot until I solved the problem. The problem is that, once you refer to a field outside of the repeat group where that field occurs, you have multiple instances of the same field that the references must resolve. In that case, use the indexed-repeat() to resolve the confusion or multiple instances of the same field on the form that is referenced. Took me a while to figure it out, thanks to the article I cited.