Problem in saving a form in KoBoToolbox

Dear All

I am getting Problem while trying to save a form online using FireFox, I am getting a message that “Error Saving Form You have lost Internet connection” But I can upload XLS form without any Problem by using the same internet connection. What could the Problem of failing to save edited from on browser


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Hi @jkajiba,

Welcome to the community! Have you tried out the same with Chrome or other available browsers?

Yes, I have tried three different browsers and also I tried to restart my computer. still I cannot save the form via browser.


Hi @jkajiba,

Could you capture the screenshot of the problem that you are facing.

on chome

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I have created a new form and was able to save. But for the form that I have been working for three days it fails, it just started today to bring that message. I am now trying to investigate the XLSform to see if there is anything wrong.

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Hi @jkajiba,

Do let us know if your new form too has issues! GOOD DAY!

Hi Kal_Lam,

I have the same issue with saving the form which I have prepared, I want to bring changes to the form but it show error message that I can’t save the changes due to internet connection problem, but my internet is working good enough.

Could you please solve the problem?

Hi @jkajiba
Did you get the solution for this issue, because I have the same problem with saving.
Please share your idea.

I still have the same problem. I decided to keep uploading XLSForm, instead of saving straight, Because I could not spot what is wrong in my Excel form that prevent me from saving from the browser

hmm but adding features like skip logic will not be possible?

I have the same issue here, see screenshot:

Error message:

Error saving form
Your changes could not be saved, likely because of a lost internet connection. Keep this window open and try saving again while using a better connection.

I have a very good internet connection and re-trying since a couple of hours. All other internet services work.

Help is appreciated!

Hi @holger

How many versions have you deployed?
I have 8 versions deployed and maybe it’s the reason there will be limit for it … I don’t know.
Urgent help is needed. we are in the final stage to bring some changes to the form and save it for the data collection.
Thanks in advance

We are having the same problems and have only deployed two or three times. Does this mean we will have to open a new form and restart the entire project? please advise

I just valididated the XLSform I want to use here It works and is displayed in preview.

I imported it into kobo, the preview works here as well

I opended the editor in kobo, and clicked “SAVE”.

I get “Error saving form”. :frowning:

@Kal_Lam can you reproduce the problem we have?

Experiencing the same,

Anyone figured out a solution? needed the form asap! also is there no customer service number we can call to fix this?

I have the same problem. This must be an issue with KoBoToolbox, not our XLSform. Need an urgent fix to the issue please.

Along with this problem I’ve noticed another one. When I click on the Preview button (i.e. the eye icon) on the Forms and Settings page, the Preview Form is display. However, when I click the Preview button on the survey creation/editing page, I get “Unknown Enketo preview error”.

I have exactly the same problem when saving and previewing. It must be a problem with kobotoolbox.
Please solve the problem!