Problem on a constraint

I have a question.
Suppose I have three answer options for a question which are
This is a multiple choice question.
When I collect the data, answer A must be checked in 90% of the cases and the other answers according to the respondent’s answer.
I would like to make a note for the interviewer.
If the answer option A is not checked the note appears asking him if he was sure that this option is not applicable to this collection.
I can’t put this constraint.
Can someone help me with this?

Hi @Karimzak you can use either of these:

  • Guidance hint.
  • A note type question with skip logic stating “Show this note when A is NOT selected”

Depending on the tools you use, Form-builder or XLSform in any spreadsheet editor, I can provide more help if needed.

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Hi @hakan_cetinkaya
yes just the way I have to write the code at the sheet level so the xlsForm

This is the survey sheet:

type name label required relevant
start start
end end
select_multiple Q1 New_Question New Question false
note Note1 Are you sure that the Answer A is not selected? false selected(${New_Question}, ‘option_1’)

And this is the choices sheet:

list_name name label
Q1 option_1 A
Q1 option_2 B
Q1 option_3 C
Q1 option_4 D
Q1 option_5 E
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It is rather the opposite if you do not select A that the note appears. I think I’ve explained it wrong

@Karimzak In that case, not(selected(${New_Question}, 'option_1')) in the relevant column.

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Thank you

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