Problem to get current data through api v 2, data end point

Dear Kal_Lam,
Greetings from BCAS!
I am working on a project where I gonna collect 2,01,000 data within next 40 days, I already collect near about 22 thousand data through my another user account name: xxxxxxx, from last few hours I am not getting data through API end point v2, and its comes a popup screen in my excel like time out has expired, my first question is there any problem to get more data download through API v2 end point?
my 2 nd question is : I noticed that some column shows value after all my data column, which label of the column name is starting from “column118” to “column618”, my question is why this column created in the data sheet, what’s the meaning of this value “1” in every cell?

Welcome back to the community, @bcas! Could you also let me know the server you are using? In addition, could you also share with me a screenshot of your error message? These details should help us understand your issue more clearly.

Server name:
User name: baselinesurvey
Total data received in the current project: 122,718

  1. Server is prolonged when data refresh in MS Excell or Power BI through current end point API ( or ( ----this is not recommended/using because I need label instead of XML value)
  2. Exporting problem: when I try to Download > export data in type: XLS> value & headers: English > all version with media URL link, after download, it will show only the first 52,000 + data but not all data (122,718 till date)
  3. time out massage

Thank you very much for your kind response and continuous support, hope to get a solution or suggestions very soon