Problem when editing forms with polygon inside group

Greetings to the kobotoolbox team, I would like to inform that we’ve been experiencing the following problem when editing a TABLET-uploaded form via the DATA-TABLE administration page:

1.- EDIT sent FORM from web platform.

2.- Press SEND button at the end.

3.- It throws an ALERT, FORM contains ERROR-> the ERROR signaled are polygons. Note that the polygons are inside a GROUP Question.

4.- To correct the ERROR we must delete the last point of POLYGON and close it (even if it was already closed from the beginning), this must be done one by one.

5.- Press SEND button at the end; now the FORM is correctly edited,

I would like to ask why is this occurring, or in any case inform that this occurs.

Welcome back to the community, @esrodrigo! Could you also share with us a screenshot of the error that you are seeing? That should also help us better understand your issue.

Maybe this previous discussion could help you.

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Hello Kal_Lam, Here I send the images that are shown in the form correction:

  1. Error:


3.- Fixed

4.-Ready to send

Hello @Kal_Lam @esrodrigo,
I think, this might be a KoBo/Enketo problem (trailing ;).
As Xiphware wrote, it should have been fixed meanwhile?

Maybe we could track this down with Enketo 2.8.0.

The bug is/was in Collect (not Enketo). It has been fixed upstream in ODK Collect; KoboCollect just needs to pull in the fix now. See Remove trailing semicolon from geotrace and geoshape serialized value · Issue #4451 · getodk/collect · GitHub


Thank you @Xiphware for updating this to the entire community!

Thanks to everyone for the instructive answers, it allows me to correct the python code to extract each polygon correctly, allowing geopandas operations.

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