Problem with data of multiple choice question


I’m facing a problem/bug, I don’t know what’s the name of the case here, with data of multiple choice question. Once data downloaded, the 1/0 output of each choice of the multiple question is not the same as the combined choices of this question. For example:
If I have a question:
Choose your letters:
1- A
2- B
3- C
4- D
5- E
If I chose A,C,D for example and submitted my answer. When I download the data I will get under Choose you letters question a combined text of the answers I chose “A C D” but I will get
0 for D and E, although I chose D and 1 for A B C, although I didn’t chose B.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. …Create a multiple choice question
  2. … select some of the options and submit
  3. …download your data

Expected behavior

1 will be the value for the selected options

Actual behavior

1 is the value for the selected/not selected options

Additional details

Hi @nrc_lebanon,

Would you mind checking the data in your server by filling one form at a time (so that you do not forget what has been entered). I just checked the same at my end and it seems to be working fine. Besides, also please be informed that the data you submitted to the server at the end gets stored at the beginning of the table. Or if you are not very sure you could also add a separate variable to identify what you have entered in the multiple response question.

Please feel free to provide us your survey form (if it’s confidential, you could do the same via a private message) so that we could have a closer look at your issue (if you feel the issue is still on).

Have a great day!