Problem with editing and updating form

Good Afternoon
I am new here , I hope everyone is doing okay.
I am facing a problem with a form I deployed for data collection , we have already collected data using the form, form was encoded using the excel xform format.

I wan t to update the form but I am having the following errors on the kobotoolbox website.

  1. Error creating row: [Error: type int not found]: This error pop up whenerver I try to update the form using model builder.
  2. I get the follwing error on integer questions.

Row could not be displayed:

type=β€œint” name=β€œno_fac_reporting” label=β€œH. NUMBER OF FACILITIES REPORTING” required=β€œtrue” $kuid=β€œ0A7mrGgz4” $autoname="no_fac_reporting"

This question could not be imported. Please re-create it manually. Please contact us at so we can fix this bug!

I have attempted updating the form it also keep given error.

Thank you

Have you validated your XLSForm through this online validator? Maybe the online validator should be able to help you identify the issue.

Hello @izyaulawal,
might this be the same posting twice?

There is no β€œint” type. It must be integer.

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Thanks so much, I have made the changes, and I can now Edit and save my forms. I’m delighted

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