Problem with Exclusive logic in my Form

Hi All,
I’m trying this plaform for first time and i’ve a problem with the exclusion logic.
I need to build an specific logic for a question based on previuos questions with XLSForm code.
The problem occure when I write my code in the “box”, it’ doesn’t match and does’t work.
I did my code based on but it doesn’t work in my form.
I appreciate your help.

Hi @mateopadierna,

Welcome to the community! Could you share with us your xlsform so that we could figure out what went wrong with your syntax. We would also appreciate if you could point out the exact location on where the problem exists.

I have the following logic:
Q1 has 3 options. (A, B ,C). That’s my firts filter. A gives me Q2, B = Q3 and C=Q4.
In Q2, I have 2 options(D, E), in Q3, 3 options (D, E. F) and in Q4, 2 Options (F,G).
So, I want to do something like:
If (Q1=A and Q2 = D) or (Q1=B and Q3=D) show me the question 5.
Thanks for you reply.

Hi @mateopadierna,

Could you share with us your question so that we could provide you the solution from your question itself.

How can I share my question with you? Sorry, i’m new in this.

Create a xlsform with these imaginary questions as you have mentioned above, and share with us. So, that it could be known if you are making any syntax errors.

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Can I export my form (questionary) to xlsform ?

Hi @mateopadierna,

Please follow the instructions as provided in the figure below to download an xlsform from your KoBoToolbox user account.

afRbeuWUP4SBpxBeokQEL9.xls (9.5 KB)

This is my form, I had to have duplicate questions due to I don’t know how to implement the logic previously described. I expect this is helpful and I’m here for any answer. Thanks for your attention.

Hi @mateopadierna,

I checked your question by translating them into English and found that the logics were OK to skip the desired questions during the survey. You could also use the or boolean operator to choose if either of the expressions before or after are true.

Please see the xlsform that i have converted to English:
afRbeuWUP4SBpxBeokQEL9.xls (36 KB)

Thanks for you reply. Now i want to change this:

In something like this:

Hi @mateopadierna,

Try this out (${Q1} = ‘cauca’ and ${Q3} = ‘ind_gena’) or (${Q1} = ‘meta’ and ${Q2} = ‘ind_gena’) and it should work for you. :face_with_monocle: