Problem with pull-data paramaters

I’m receiving an error about the paramaters of my pull-data call from an attached csv
It says I have an “incorrect number of parameters”
these are the parameters I have an included, which includes all the columns in the csv:
pulldata(‘Repondants’, ‘id_key’, ‘nom’, ‘age’, ‘contact’, ‘village’)

i’ve been following this example closely:

I’m not able to figure out which parameter is incorrect or missing. thank you.

Welcome to the community, @leifbrottem! Firstly have you gone through the support article Pull Data Functionality in KoBoToolbox? If not, this should help you understand how a pulldata should structure.

Thank you, Kal. This is very useful. I see that it’s written for KoboCollect. Is this code compatible with ODK collect? I use ODK to collect data and Kobo to storage and manage them.
best, leif

@leifbrottem, the xlsform should be compatible for both ODK and KoBoToolbox.