Problem with sharing forms in ODK Collect

I created a QRCode for a user to access the ODK Collect app and the user is able to see all the forms on server, even the forms that are not being shared with him. How do I resolve this?

I would like the forms only appear if it is shared with the user in settings > sharing.

Example: the user “jrribeiro” is not being shared with the form “FLORA | LENHOS – Árvores e Lianas - Florística - Campo (v7.0.0)” and it is still visible for her.

If I disable the “Allow submissions of this form without a username and password” option the form disappears even for those who have permissions.

Example: the user “acsouto” have permission to add submissions, view form and view submissions, but she can’t see the form when she access ODK Collect. And if I active the option “Allow submissions of this form without a username and password” the forms will appears for “jrribeiro” too and I don’t want that. Only for “acsouto”.

@gab1luize, could you kindly share with us the screenshot from within the Settings>Server of your Collect Android App?

@gab1luize, everything is fine except the URL. Just try the following URL instead of

Under the username, type in ampdev or acsouto depending on the username you would like to use.

Under the password, type in the correct password for the account. Doing this should solve your issue.

You should be able to learn more about the configuration through this support article shared previously:

Solved! Thank you Kal!

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