Problem with the file exporting!

Yesterday, I exported the XLS file, but when I check the file, it got missing data from about 1o column., another column still remain the data. Although, I did not update any new version of form.
Further, I check the table in data section, I see the column ( where data is missing ) got duplicate, and the missing data was there. Now I’m little confused about this issue. Can someone help me out

Hello @phongle4422,
To facilitate support, would you mind to share a screenshot, a case example of the download and the related part of the form?

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Pic 1 is in the Table section , the field that column lost the data ( data is required to fill )

Pic 2 is in the Table section , the field that got duplicate column and the missing data ( should be in the Pic 1) is here.

Pic 3 is in the downloaded XLS file, It exported the column in the Pic 1 ( without the data) . However, there is no duplicate columns ( pic 2) exported.

Sorry, could you mark/explain the relevant places in the screenshots, please?
And could you provide:

  • The related part of the form (download as xls)
  • A screenshot of the history page for the form (project view)
  • Your download settings (all variables on?)

@Kal_Lam, please, take over.

I think if you can DM me , it would be easier for me to explain.
However, the data of today which I have exported is enough. Seem there is an update on Kobotool on September 17th, that the reason mess the exported file. I’m still waiting till the end of the day, to see if all the data I received .remained normal.

@phongle4422, please feel free to reach us back if you should experience any issues.