Problems in sharing my questionnaire as web form

Dear Team,

I am using the standard methods for sharing form but still, my questionnaire is not getting shared as the web form. It needs to make an account on kobo to collect and share data, therefore I am not able to get my information. Please anyone can help me.

Do you mean you wish to share you survey project with another user or do you mean you simply wish to share a fillable survey question where users are able to fill it up through a web browser?

I mean I want to share a fillable survey question with the surveyors to find desired information but when I share weblink, its not opening like web form and requires to make an account to open the form.

Maybe this support article Collecting Data through Web Forms should help you solve your issue.

I have already gone through with this article but my problem couldn’t get solved.

Could you share with us the screenshot of the issue you are receiving at your end. This should help us troubleshoot your issue.

This is the link which I share with team and its require to make account to fill the tool.

Do you mean you get this login screen as shown in image below:


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Yes …when I share link for form, it doesn’t open as web form. I have account on kobo but the survey team does not have.

This is because you should have checked the Require authentication to see forms and submit data which is present under the ACCOUNTS SETTINGS. Uncheck them and your enumerators should be a able to fill out the data without having to go through this login notification.

The post discussed previously should help you solve your issue:

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