Problems uploading completed surveys from KoboCollect

My survey team is having challenges uploading surveys from KoboCollect. When they try to submit surveys, they get the following error: “Unable to resolve host”: No address associated with hostname." Any ideas on what the problem is?

Hi @amandaq94,

Welcome to the community! Would you mind checking the following to see if anyone of the same might have caused the issue that you are seeing at your end:

  • Check for the survey project in the KoBoToolbox server and see if the survey project is still deployed. You may sometimes face similar issues if you have achieved the project (in the server and are still trying to submit your data from the KoBoCollect android app).
  • Check out the data and time settings of your android app. Distortion of date and time (in your device) may also create this issue at your end.
  • Check out the internet connectivity of your device. Sometimes, you may see this problem if your device is not able to connect to an internet.
  • Check out the settings of your KoBoCollect android app as outlined in the support article here. Sometimes, the wrong configuration might also lead you to with such error messages while submitting data to the server.

Kindly please let us know if this worked out for you so that we could document which could help other KoBoToolbox users to overcome the issue.

Have a great day!


Hi, I had the same problem but could not resolve. We were being unable to send a form, then later edited one field and tried to submit.
I stopped sharing the Form with the user account once the other submissions had reached, but then after this one submission could not be made, I reshared it with the user account, but could no longer upload it.

I entered the data from the computer separately, since I could not upload it. Maybe the problem was because I “authenticated” my admin account in Kobo after the rest of the submissions were made (i.e. previously it was open for anyone to submit). I’m not sure if that caused the problem, but now I’ve solved it by inputting from the PC, no worries. :slight_smile:

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Thank you for updating this to the entire community, @aahmed!

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Hey all,

I experience the same issue.

The solutions proposed by @Kal_Lam did not work.
I am unable to enter the data manually because the survey contains many pictures that need to be send to kobotoolbox.

The issue started fairly recently. Everything went well for several months.
Could it be an issue that I switched from a paid plan (100GB) to a free plan (5GB) ? I think I deleted enough data to have sufficient storage left on the free plan.

Included a screenshot of my issue and of the general settings:

Issue resolved: I succeeded by selecting the files one by one and uploading them.
It took several minutes/survey as the surveys contained many photos, I guess the server timed out when I tried uploading them all at once.

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@vincentsmets, :clap: :heart: :partying_face: Thank you for confirming!